Breakfast or Brunch

*Bad Ass Sandwich
Two fried eggs, bacon, goat milk cheese and field greens on toast. Served with a rosti. 10.00

A tart filled with wild mushrooms, caramelized onion, crème fraîche and thyme. Topped with a *poached egg and mushroom emulsion. Served with a house salad. 11.50

Sautéed fall squash, greens, roasted potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Topped with a *poached egg. Finished with saba and Parmesan cheese. 12.00
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Baked Mac
Serpentini pasta with cave aged Gruyere cheese, mornay sauce, Parmesan, breadcrumbs and herbs. Served with a house salad. 12.00

The Perfect Pear French Toast
Two pieces of French toast with whipped vanilla bean *créme fraîche, a pear chutney and a drizzle of real maple syrup. Served with two pieces of bacon. 12.50

Go Home Thomas
House-made English muffin sandwich piled high with scrambled eggs, white cheddar and your choice of house-ground sausage or braised greens. Served with a potato rosti. 12.50

*Americanized Croque Monsieur
Grilled ham and Gruyere cheese sandwich with a mornay sauce and Dijon mustard. Topped with a *sunny egg and served with a house salad. 13.50

*So Benny Choices
House-made English muffin with your choice of griddled ham, braised greens or tempeh. Topped with two *poached eggs and *hollandaise sauce. Served with a potato rosti. 13.50

*Not So Dismal
Ground hanger steak with white cheddar, *mustard aioli, seasonal greens, two *over easy eggs and served open-faced on toast. Served with a potato rosti. 13.50

*Belly Belly Belly
Slab of pork belly served over celery root and apple purée with shaved Brussels sprouts. Finished with beets and a *sunny duck egg. 14.50

*Truck Stop
Pan roasted *hanger steak served with a fall vegetable hash and two *fried eggs. 18.50

Specials for the Month of December

Sorry no coupons or substitutions.
There will be a limited amount of each so we may sell out

*Risotto with fall vegetables, Italian cheese and sunny egg 9.50

*Flapjacks with two over easy eggs and two pieces bacon 9.50

*Hanger/Brisket burger served open-faced on toast with caramelized onions, Gruyere cheese and a sunny duck egg 9.50

Open-faced English muffin topped with braised greens, scrambled eggs and mushroom gravy 9.50

*A tart filled with squash puree served with a poached egg and sage cream 9.50

* Consuming raw or undercooked, meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have a medical condition.

*Eggs and meats cooked to order

On the slide
House-baked toast
Free-range egg 2.00
English muffin 3.00
Potato Rosti 3.50
House potatoes 3.50
Fruit 3.00
House ground sausage 4.00
Bacon 4.00
Mr. Brimley (Oatmeal) 6.50
Hippies (granola, raisins oats, hazelnuts, flax, honey, yogurt)
Pork belly (yeah baby) 7.50
Hollandaise 1.50
Real grade A maple syrup 1.50

Good N Baked       
Chuck the Vegan cookie  2.50
Muffin or Scone of the day 2.50
Griddle coffee cake 3.50

Moon Brine Pickle 2.00
Tofu or Tempeh or Cheese 2.00
Crème frachie 1.50
Green Salad w/Banyuls Sm. 4.00 Lg. 7.00
Soup of the Day 5.50
Seasonal Vegetable or Greens 3.50

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